Odd Error Redirecting on Linux

We have automatic tests that run over our website using Selenium.

For some reason these tests stated failing on from our build server where they where working locally. The issue was where we had a post back from an external site, when the request hit our site it was getting a 404 error.

So I started looking at what was different between our local machines and what the build server was using. On our local machines we run a Selenium hub locally, but the build server users a server which turned out to be running Linux.

Having found that I set up a Linux VM so I could see Chrome running. So watching the test what I saw was this

This was very odd as the route did exist and it worked fine when running on Windows.

Digging into the code one thing I did notice was that we weren’t defining the scheme on the URL when constructing the call back URL. I added the scheme to the url and it started working.

So it appears while Chrome on Windows was able to infer the scheme, Chrome on Linux needed it explicitly defined.